Great video from youtuber Tyler Oakley about the Gay and Bi Blood Ban (he talks about it from an American perspective) but the argument is still just as valid.

Our Verdict: Gay blood donation ban to be lifted for men who haven’t had sex with men for 10 years

Whilst this is great progress and step in the right direction to ending the blood ban on Gay and Bisexual men this is still not good enough.

Yes, the new policy would allow some bisexual men that have perhaps settled down with a women for more than 10 years or even “straight” men that had dabbled in the past to give blood which is great (though you have to question whether they were open about this on the blood forms to begin with). It still however openly and actively discriminates against gay men (or those that are sexually active at least once every 10 years…….).

Think of a reaction to a policy where it said that only heterosexual men and women that have not had sex for 10 years can give blood….there would be no donors! We’re sorry NBS, but gay men are sexual and do have sex and we should not be punished for doing so when it is safe and protected.

Now with the Royal College of Nurses giving their full support and backing to the ban being lifted I hope we can progress much further than this superficial change, that on the surface looks like progress and in some ways it is, however it really doesn’t change much in regards to the fight for equality and ending discrimination.

Want some further reading? Peter Tatchel provides a great article and argument for removing the ban

The View Tackles Gay Blood Ban

The View

It’s been more than a week since the Department of Health and Human Services’s Advisory Committee on Blood Safety ruled that gay men still can’t donate blood, but that hasn’t silenced debate on the issue.

On a Tuesday segment of The View, guests D.L. Hughley and journalist Thomas Roberts (host of The Advocate On Air) joined regular hosts Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepard in discussing the ruling in light of a recent article.

The Slate piece questioned whether other groups with higher incidences of HIV infection should also be banned, citing, for example, that African-American women have an HIV rate nearly 18 times higher than white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control (the FDA, a subagency of HHS, already bars persons born in sub-Saharan Africa from donating blood).

In a unanimous vote, the blood safety advisory committee also called the policy for men who have sex with men (MSM) “suboptimal,” however, and recommended that distinctions be made between low- and high-risk potential gay donors in an upcoming report to the assistant secretary of HHS.


Where We Are So Far 28/4/10

Here’s another quick update for all the Project Negative supporters out there! Don’t worry, we haven’t been slacking since the last-time we spoke.

The official Project Negative website is now up and running! With all the latest news updates about our cause, podcasts from our project people, a petition to sign, some rather retro looking pictures of the crew behind the cause and even a shop!

The next event Project Negative are planning is a demonstration outside the Birmingham Blood Centre on Wednesday the 5th of May between 5pm and 7pm. Don’t worry we won’t be starting any riots, our plan is to essentially be rejected! We aim to gather as many supporters as we possibly can and then fill in the blood donation forms declaring (guys: that you are gay or bi) or (girls: that you have had the naughty fun time with a bi man in the last year because, yes, that means your rejected too). We don’t mind a few white lies so even if you haven’t but you support our cause you can join in! Then when we are rewarded with our rubbish rejection cards we want to post a picture of you holding the card. Each member of the demonstration will then be given a pint of fake blood to pour into a clear dustbin so they can see just how much blood they have rejected and hopefully hang their heads in shame. That blood could be saving lives.

The Project Negative podcasts have been a massive hit! You can find them on our website or even on iTunes (yes we are getting that big people) so plug yourself in and have a listen. I’m about to do some name dropping here, are you ready for it? Alright here we go… we got the chance to chat with Labour MEP, Mr Michael Cashman who can be heard on the podcast discussing the blood ban with the Project Negative crew, along with Nick Henderson from the LGBT Network. There is also a video up on our site from the BCU Question Time, where we got the chance to hear what local candidates in the Perry Barr constituency had to say about the current blood ban blanketing Britain so check out the video.

We have also been busy spreading ourselves around some serious media bases, trying to get our cause heard and the Project Negative name known. So far things have been going great. The people behind the project are over the moon with all the support the bigger organisations have been showing our little cause, which is gradually growing! Both the Midlands Zone Magazine and Pink Paper are in full support of our organisation and have information covering the Blood Bank demonstration and more about our cause on their websites. The Green Party of England and Wales also fully endorse our campaign and give their support.

Of course we can’t forget our Project Negative facebook friends and fans! With a whopping 1,239 friends we are starting to feel popular, so thank you guys for all of your support and comments about our cause. supporter Anthony Mark wrote “I hope you’ll be taking a tally of blood types from those attending. As someone with blood type O-, I would especially like to be able to donate on the grounds that my blood could be used on any patient, not to mention the fact that it’s the only blood type I could receive in a transfusion. I wonder how much of this precious O- blood they are turning down.” Which is a great idea and we will be doing just that my friend!

We have also managed to tally up over a thousand signatures for our online petition which is fantastic! But as I’ve said before we are a greedy lot here at Project Negative and we want more, so help spread the word and stop this ban. It would be great to see some new faces at the Blood Bank demonstration on Wednesday the 5th so come along our join in!

By Kimberley Gammon

How to invite all your friends to our facebook page

We really on our follower, fans and friends to spread the word about Project Negative, so if you could invite all your friends to our page that would be great!


  1. Click on the suggest friends link.
  2. Once the the page has loaded you should see all of your friends, but they are not selected.
  3. At this point, copy and paste the javascript code below into your Web browser’s address bar, making sure that you delete whatever address information is currently in the address bar.
  4. Hit “Enter”
  5. If all goes well, it selects all of your friends!


javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

Where We Are So Far - 23/3/10

The Project Negative crew have been very busy little bee’s over the last few weeks, doing their best to spread awareness of the gay and bi blood ban that is currently blanketing Britain.

The Diversity and Wellbeing event was a great success on the 9th of March, with a constant stream of people coming over to visit the Project Negative table. A large amount of people we spoke to on the day had previously been unaware about the blood ban and were shocked about the discrimination behind it.

Our Project Negative home girl Jade Dale was one of the team members at the event and told me “We received a great deal of support from all age groups and backgrounds. It was good to see people ask us about the ban and having strong and positive opinions. It was even surprising to hear a nursing practitioner was unaware of the ban and see her sign. Overall the event was a real success, we hope change is not too far around the corner.”Nice one Jade, looking at the amount of signatures people signed on the blood ban petition there are a lot of people out there against it. But I’m willing to bet we can find more.

The official Project Negative launch went with a bang on Friday the 19th March with scores of party goers turning up wearing red to show their support for the cause. I managed to commandeer Rebekah Douglas, a media student at Birmingham City University, and drag her off the dance floor for a chat. She told me “The launch is a great way of getting people’s attention and spreading the word about Project Negative. Me and my friends have all signed the petition against the blood ban, this is a great cause and I’m proud to support it.”

Founder and boss man of project negative, Adam Steward agreed with Rebekah and stated that “The event has been a massive success, loads of fun too. We got almost 50 signatures added to the petition tonight! More and more people are starting to hear about Project negative.” But don’t forget that all you internet surfers can sign our online petition too at It only takes a minute to complete and every signature counts.

Some of the comments written by supporters alongside their signatures on the blood ban petition have really touched the team members here at Project Negative head quarters. April Saunders signed the online petition from half way across the world in Sydney, Australia. She commented “It’s about equal rights and anti-discrimination.” Another online petition signer was Ashley from across the pond in Arvada, USA, wrote “Shameful. I feel anybody who is gracious enough to donate blood should be allowed to do so.” A more local signer is Helen Jones from Wolverhampton and she stated “All those people who need blood are suffering un-necessarily over a load of bigoted outdated views.”

Also massive, huge thanks to all the support from Project Negative’s Facebook fans. The group has reached an impressive 1,116 followers! Here’s a big shout out to one of our online friends, Helen Jones, she wrote “That’s disgusting, they can’t be that desperate for blood supplies then can they? They’re always begging on the telly!!!! Everyone should be treated the same regardless.” You tell it how it is girlfriend, thank you for taking the time to show your support for our cause.

To help spread awareness of the gay and bi blood ban add your friends to our group, visit our blog and sign the online petition. From the 1st of April you will also be able to view Project negative’s very own grand spanking new website. Look out for news and details of our next up and coming events.

By Kimberley Gammon

"This could potentially lead to 2.3 million extra annual donors. Last year, 1.6 million people donated blood up to three times"

Where is the love? End the blood ban…

Today is a day about LOVE and who has your HEART - well let’s all just remember that what comes out of that HEART can save lives, however for Gay and Bi men our is deemed not worthy enough/unsafe - where is the LOVE there? Please spread the word about Project Negative

Gay son prevented from donating blood to dying mother

This is just another reason why the gay and bi blood ban should be lifted!? Prevented from trying to save a dying mothers life?

"A gay man whose mother died from cancer is calling for a change in the law after he was prevented from donating blood to help her.

Dij Bentley’s mother Christine, 47, died from acute myeloid leukaemia in August last year.”

Read the full story here: